Laura Blumberg


Hope 360 Storyteller – Laura Blumberg. Drug addiction had its hold on me.  I had resolved it would take my life.  I was hoping it would hurry.  God had much different plans for me.  It is only by his grace, that I am miraculously able to share my story of not only recovery, but total transformation.

I have two people I wish to speak to by sharing my story.  To those who have loved ones struggling with addiction.  I believe it was the prayers of my family that brought me out of darkness.  For many years the next time my family thought they would hear of me was in the obituary, but they didn’t stop praying.  To you who is still struggling, you are not hopeless.  The God who created our universe loves you and wants to help you.  He can break the chains of your addiction if you let him.

I go to church at River Valley Church in Apple Valley MN