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As a Hope 360 Storyteller you will come alongside hurting people who may relate to your story and find hope in a desperate situation. Your story may encourage them to keep living, to believe that life can be better and search for hope in Jesus.



A few details about how this works:

  •  Set a date and time with us (using the form below) and then we will interview you and record your story over Facebook Messenger’s video chat.
  •  While recording, we will ask you to summarize your hurt or point of your story, what Jesus Christ did in your life and how He gave you hope.
  •  We keep all the stories under 4 minutes.
  •  Don’t worry, if you mess up we can edit bloops and blunders out for you. Remember we will be there asking you questions so you will not be alone in this. There is no need to over-rehearse because no one knows your story better than you.
  • Once your story is up on our website we will place an email button next to your story so people have the opportunity to reach out to you for prayer or encouragement.
  • By filling out the form below and scheduling a time with us, you are acknowledging that you agree with our Statement of Faith and our Terms and Conditions.

I look forward to hearing how Jesus Christ has given you hope!

Sincerely, Doug Kauffman

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Give us two options of a date and a time that will work for you so we can record your story over Facebook Messenger's video chat. We are available from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday. (We are in the Central Time Zone) Or, you can send us any questions.