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In the past four years, we’ve involved 260 people in our Storyteller program. Their stories have been viewed 87,653 times which resulted in 387,738 visits to Hope360.org. These visitors shared Hope 360 resources with their friends and family on social media reaching more than 20 million people.


What People Are Saying

“We have been able to share Jesus to those who are experiencing devastating crisis. We minister to those who are struggling to hold on to hope, wondering where our God is, and wondering how to put one foot in front of another on a broken road. In the midst of deep sorrow of loosing our beautiful daughter, we lovingly shine Jesus’ light in us and to others by holding on to God’s promise of eternity.”

Aaron & Sara

– Hope 360 Storytellers
“Being a Hope 360 Storyteller has really become part of who we are on a daily basis.  Just a week ago we were able to share our story that is on the hope 360 web site to a dental hygienist, a friend we haven’t seen for 12 years who had walked away from his relationship with Jesus.”

Brian & Carla

– Hope 360 Storytellers
“You saved my life. Just knowing you’re a text away makes all the difference in my life right now.”


– From St. Paul
“Hope360 is an incredible ministry bringing light to people when they are in their darkest day. I’ve seen them restore marriages, bring families together, and be the body of Christ!”

Pastor ROb Ketterling

River Valley Church

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In the next ten years we want to have 10,000 Storytellers and make an impression of hope on countless people’s lives around the world.

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Thank you for your heart and passion to potentially serve as a Hope 360 Storyteller. Your role as a Storyteller could be an important step of obedience to God. What a privilege, to come alongside hurting people who can relate to your story, offer prayer for their needs, minister life to them in their situation, and help them make their connection with Jesus! This will be an exciting journey!

My prayer for you is that you will make a difference for Christ that is utterly out of proportion to who you are, beyond who you are and disproportionate to who you are.

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